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Bag Closure's History

In 1952
In 1952 Mr. Floyd Paxton, Kwik Lok's Founder, whittled the first Kwik Lok out of a piece of plastic while flying home from a business trip to the Pacific Northwest. While visiting the apple packing houses in Washington State, Mr. Paxton was introduced to a new form of packaging, the polyethylene bag and the Kwik Lok Bag Closure began to take form in his mind. Mr. Paxton began to turn his simple idea into its finished form. The bag closing operation was moved to Yakima, Washington. Packing houses around the state soon began buying and using the small idea and Kwik Lok Corporation began producing the closures in a small building located in downtown Yakima.

In the early 60's
In the early 60's two men working for Kwik Lok developed a different type of automatic bagging machine for the baking industry.

As the decade of the 70's
As the decade of the 70's emerged, Mr. Paxton's small idea had contributed to the growth and the demand for Kwik Lok closure continued to grow, requiring Kwik Lok to expand the manufacturing capacity in the United States. Today Kwik Lok is manufacturing closures in two plants in the United States, with other plants in Canada, Ireland, Australia and Japan.